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Your Greatest asset in life is you ...

Trouble with life is that we all think it’s free. Life is balance between the energy of giving and receiving

Writing is an art that requires and life time of commitment to your readers. When I write fiction I get to explore the world from another point of view.

Yoga doesn’t offer a quick fix - it’s fosters a change in lifestyle. Yoga gets us on our feet and establish a good foundation in oneself.

2020 in photos

Year 2020 started with optimism in the air. Yet, no one could have predicted the course for the rest of the year when COVID-19 struck. The pandemic force changes no powerful leader ever have invoked on any nation. Life without socialising.

January 2020

family get together

The year started full of hope and optimism. I enjoyed a day out at the natural history museum with my son and daughter.

February 2020

month storms ending with COVID-19

This was a month of storms. This was my last flight to the UK and I was greeted with the COVID notice on my return.

March 2020

Life with COVID-19 lockdown

LOCKDOWN Ireland. A dry St. Patrick's day. Immune boosting yoga. Grow your own menu.

Latest News


NEW Book - Lemondemic
"Gratitude is the return to balance"

Back in April 2020, I embarked on a wiritng challenge. The challenge was to write 30 short stories in 30 days. Each story was based on a single randomly chosen word selected by people from the social media channels. The book will be available as a FREE PDF document. The paid paperback version of the book will be available on Amazon or you can pe-order a personalised copy direct from me.
Pre-Order your copy today

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365 in 2021 Short Story Writing Challenge

The chaos of the pandemic caused much pain and misery around the world. In April 2020, I wrote 30 short stories in 30 days. No mean feat for any accomplished author! In 2021 I intend to write 365 short stories in a year. That is, one story for every day of the year. I have opened a reading room on FB to share a selection of the stories (as I go) from the challenge.
Join in the fun - Submit a word!

#365in2021 #projectlemonzest


Support Local Artist - Buy Me a Coffee

The writing part of this challenge is a huge undertalking in itself. The cost of publication will be a quite different challenge. So, I set up a "Buy me a Coffee" campaign to help raise funds to help with the publication of the planned 12 books.

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My Yoga Story

Every day. Yoga is another one of my daily passions. As an Iyengar Yoga practitioner, I share a daily insight on the value of yoga and how it can transform your life

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Facebook Reading Room

Every week in the Facebook Reading Room, I share one of the stories from my 365 in 2021 short story writing challenge. You can join for FREE and read the 'uncut' draft versions of a selection of the new stories.

#readingroom #amwriting #writingcommunity


Coming Soon - Writer's Labs

Writing is great therapy. Fiction frees our cluttered minds to see what is possible. Writing short stories is a great way to relax and unwind, escape the rigours or master the art of writing. Writer's Labs is ideal for anyone who would like to learn some interesting techniques for writing short stories.

#Writerslabs #projectlemonzest

Support my 2021 Challenge

My challenge is to write 365 short stories in 2021. To add some spice to my challenge I would like to write each story to be based around a single randomly chosen word. Each word provided by people across all the social media channels. Insane? Maybe. Do you have an interesting word for me to write a story about?

Lemonade Project