Lemondemic (Book 3)
30 short stories in 30 days

This is the latest book from the Project Lemon Zest suite - "Lemondemic". Each story is based a single word randomly selected by people from across all social media platforms. No mean challenge for any author, but I just love a challenge.

What Will You Get From This Book?

Project Lemon Zest is an ongoing short story writing project. These stories are intended to provide readers with a quick-read, a 5 minute escape for anyone with a busy lifestyle. All books are available in electronic format absolutely free. My goal is to help people find some time to get back to enjoying a good book.

5-minute escape from your busy lifestyles

Reading regularly contributes to a better nights sleep

Reading makes you happier

Most effective way of combating stress

Good for your memory - Readers have reduced mental decline later in life.

Enhances empathy - imagining creates better understanding

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Who This Book Is For

The books from Lemon Zest Project provide a 5-minute read for any occassion.

Coffee O'Clock

Fiction frees us from reality if only for a moment.

Escape your busy lifestyle for 5 minutes

Fiction is a way of playing out different roles and explore people.

Relax and read in your special place

Fiction is the doorway to another livelier, more exciting world.

Share a story with your loved one

Fiction frees our cluttered minds to see what is possible.

Perfect last minute bedtime reading

Fiction allows our minds to roam freely and uninhibited.

Story Synopsis

You provided the titles, I wrote the stories ...
#1 Troubadour
Anthony Ashford and Gemma Banks enjoyed their last evening together with a glass of red wine. They have no choice but to sell Anthony’s family holiday home to pay the inheritance.
Rob Dearsley
#2 Unprecedented
Football mad Dave gives up drinking for season ticket but finds a creative way to get his drink on with his latest little venture.
Andrea Simpson
#3 Goodbye
Emily Rai leaves her three friends behind at the tea room to tick the next item off of her bucket list, world tour on a Vespa. Will she leave a trail of chaos across the world?
Steve Waldron
#4 Love
DCI Chance finds himself with another bizarre case. DNA of man who has been dead for 10 years turns up at a crime scene.
Thomas Power
#5 Serendipitous
Paul Hammond, self-made millionaire leaves his estate to a complete stranger to clear an outstanding debt.
Lonnie Engleman
#6 Elbow (series part 1)
Coma patient, James Lane discovers that the man in bed next him had tried to kill him.
#7 Insight (series part 2)
James Lane wakes from his coma to find the ugly man in the bed next to him dead. Murdered or natural causes?
Thomas Power
#8 Negotiation (series part 3)
James Lane had led an ordinary life until now. He waits for a phone that he assumes is from those who sent an assassin to kill him.
Ross Power
#9 Adaption (series part 4)
James Lane is about to make a career change, but not quite the promotion he had hoped for in the banking world.
Penny Power
#10 Distraction (series part 5)
James Lane needed to find a way to extend his life a little to buy him time. Once Mr X had want he needed, he would end up meeting the same fate as the ugly man.
David Hillman
#11 Accountability (series part 6)
James Lane had done everything asked of him by Mr X, who now had want he wanted. All he had left was hope, hope that he will not end up dead.
Sam Lindsey
#12 Normal
Football mad Dave’s culinary venture comes to end when a person dies in a restaurant.
Lonnie Engleman
#13 Gravitas
Thomas Palmer and Steve Plummer go on one of their weekends away to climb Ben Nevis. The weather turns leaving them stranded. Thomas has a broken ankle and there is no way down from the mountain.
Alan W. Silberberg
#14 Chthonic
Tod Emerson embarks on a extraordinary journey and gets to decide his future.
Bill Reagan
#15 Hope
Amal had made it. It had taken her eighteen months to walk to London from her home on the border of the war-torn Syria. Her father and mother taken, but did her brother make it to London?
Jo Ferreday
#16 Parakeet
It does take Emily Rai to cause chaos on her world tour on a Vespa. She rescues and Parakeet from certain death, but finds herself caught in an unusual inheritance case.
Kate Phillips Davis
#17 Belonging (trilogy part 1)
DCI finds himself with a complex case involving the brutal murder of a women and identical twins.
Sangeeta Waldron
#18 Agenda (trilogy part 2):
DCI Chance finds himself with a dilemma. One twin charged with murder, the other freed without charge. Which of them was actually guilty?
Mark Hardman
#19 Planning
Andrew Pen and David Ives go on another one of their little business trips. Andy was looking forward to exploring the culinary offerings on forthcoming their trip to Asia.
Thomas Power
#20 Belonging (trilogy part 1)
DCI finds himself with a complex case involving the brutal murder of a women and identical twins.
Sangeeta Waldron
#21 Social-phobia: Micèal Doherty had lost his only son, Declan. Suicide. He meets a boy who can see is destined for the same fate. Can he rescue him?
John O’Connell
#22 Rabies
Angelina Eastman fears the worst or does she? Her husband is rushed to hospital and soon becomes clear that doctors suspect he has been bitten by a dog.
Edina Lebhardt
#23 Mastermind
Football mad Dave bounces back after joining a mastermind. Maggie, his partner, was enjoying the new passionate Dave and never considered asking about his new venture.
Dave Hillman
#24 Family
Ian York’s relationship with Olga’s father hadn’t started well. He wasn’t looking forward to telling Olga’s about his new job. Her father was likely to approve.
Sam Lindsey
#25 Obsolete
Mildred had gone digital this, digital that. She desperately tries to convince her husband, Frank, to go digital too.
Carol Ann
#26 Downloading
Football mad Dave new venture has gone bad. The Police have seized his computer and Maggie, his partner, had all but thrown him out on the street.
Carol Ann
#27 Mindset
Eddie Fields wakes up on a bench next to a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. He has no idea who he was, where he was and how he got there.
Kim Adele
#28 Transcendence
Silvio Bullitt was the name given to him at birth. The local Indians named him “Little Silver Bullet” because he was special. It was only a matter of time before he attracted that unwanted attention.
Carol Ann
#29 Gratitude: Fay Doherty had lost both her parents. Her inheritance left her on squatting on doorsteps in Dublin's fair city. She made the journey to Cork in hope of finding work.
Kim Adele
#30 Overcoming
Jack Fischer was going through a messy divorce. The lockdown due to COVID19 confined him to the four walls of his apartment and no more weekly access to his son, Peter.
Kim Adele
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About The Author

Project Lemon Zest was founded by Perry Simpson when he self-published his first book, Lemon Zest. Perry has become an accomplished writer in his own right. His short story book series, provided through Project Lemon Zest, has been quoted as taking story writing to whole new level.

Perry is committed to sharing his work around the world by providing electronic versions of his fictional works with out charge - FREE!

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